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Are you challenged by driving Engineering Improvements and are you able to translate this into an operational environment for data science? Then this is the perfect environment for you to build and deploy solutions in close collaboration with data ops and data scientist that are in need of your solutions fast.


Job Mission

Co-Develop, implement, deploy and maintain the ecosystem in close co-operation with the internal customer and the solution team. This also includes edge computing platforms and IIOT platforms located close to the asset install base.


Job Description

As Data Architect you will develop, extend, implement, deploy and maintain the data science environment. Your focus will be on working with the internal customer to optimize their data science work. You will work closely together with the data analytics lab system engineers and pipeline support specialist to identify usability bottlenecks and will also drive the architectural evolution of the system to maximize framework and pipeline manageability. You will be part of the devops team for the data analytics lab and HPDA (high performance data analytics) ecosystem and in that role also work closely together with all member of the team on all relevant stories in our sprints.

Besides this your responsibilities include:

  • Define improvement proposals that focus on usability and stability for the data engineering and data science ecosystem;
  • Strong partner in discussions with solution team system architect and other stakeholders within the internal customer departments;
  • Drive progress towards internal and external partners for implementation of improvements;
  • Keep abreast with relevant literature, means and methods;



At least master level or equivalent in computer science and/or Engineering.



Particularly relevant areas of expertise might include

  • At least 5 years of relevant experience as data specialist;
  • Experience deploying and maintaining data science frameworks;
  • python;
  • matlab;
  • spark and dask;
  • deep learning frameworks;
  • hadoop ecosystem;
  • containers (docker and/or singularity)
  • GPU computing;
  • IOT frameworks;
  • Experience with executing data science work is a pre;

Personal Skills

  • Highly motivated team player.
  • Shows initiative and problem solving attitude.
  • Vision and opinion.
  • Independent, accurate, systematic approach, problem solving.
  • Pragmatic, practical, flexible and committed to quality.
  • Excellent communication skills and proficiency in the English language.