The question: “What makes Imbri unique?”, is most difficult to answer, because our work is not unique then what is? Well the answer is actually quite simple, our employees are unique! Trust cannot be found in a product but it can be found in the person behind the product.

Imbri stands for a strong team that exists out of young, broadminded professionals who not only complement each other but also challenge each other professionally. Imbri is able to help you in a quick, accurate and honest manner. We are able to set up the right match based on skills and personality.

Imbri focuses on building a long-term relationship which is why our cooperation does not end with the first match as we continue to monitor the performance of our specialists. Our goal is to build and most importantly, maintain a long-term professional relationship with both parties.

Imbri is an organization specialized in providing the best IT professionals. We have developed a large professional network due to years of experience in IT recruitment. This allows us to find the perfect match for both candidates and clients. With over a dozen recruiters working at Imbri, we treat every request with utmost care and guarantee quality, speed and, above all, success. Let’s work together!


Iris van der Werf
Iris van der WerfManaging Director
“The future belongs to those, who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”
Mirjam Pauli
Mirjam PauliManager Operations
“Whatever you are, be a good one.”
Sander Schoe
Sander SchoeSenior Recruiter / Managing partner
“Don’t stop thinking about tomorrow.”
Robbin Zabel
Robbin ZabelMedior Recruiter/Accountmanager
“Wat je geeft, kun je ook terug verwachten.”
Adnan Delic
Adnan DelicResourcer
“Long term thinking is the way to go.”
Manon van Den Heuvel
Manon van Den HeuvelOffice Manager
“Celebrate every tiny victory”
Martijn Kalle
Martijn KalleManaging partner
“Failure is not an option”
Kim Gorren
Kim GorrenTeam Lead Talent Acquisition Specialist
“Let’s work together”
Priscilla Brouwer
Priscilla BrouwerGrafisch Vormgever
“Without passion, life is nothing”
Gerjan Schijlen
Gerjan SchijlenDirector
“Coniunctus invictus”
Harrie van Groenendael
Harrie van GroenendaelDirector
“Wat je los laat, komt naar je toe.”